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Small British lexicon (73,000 words)
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Larger British lexicon (194k words)
Extended lexicon (all the above - 224k words)
Insane British lexicon (480k words)

This webpage is all about solving a popular puzzle found in several newspapers. At least here in the UK. It goes under various names, such as "polygon", "panagram", "word wheel", "sundial" and so on. The idea is to find words, of at least 4 letters, that can be made from the central letter and some of the outside letters.

Each letter can only be used once. Names and plurals are usually disallowed. The central letter must always be included.

The answers generated here exclude words beginning with a capital letter (i.e. most names), but plurals can still get in.

This webpage is mostly aimed at those who compose these puzzles, rather than people trying to solve them!

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